Smarter Way to Pay For Wedding

We finance internet-savvy Indian couples for their wedding expenses on the invoices. It's at 0% interest rate via installments for up to 12-months.
(Yes! You read that right)

Benfits for Wedding Businesses

Wedding Businesses Love Paycens

Paycens pay you the invoice amount upfront within 1 business day so that you need not worry about client payments. 

Why do wedding businesses choose Paycens?

  • Upfront payment for client's invoices at once instead of part-payments

  • Higher customer conversion

  • Hassle-free payments; so you can focus on your core business

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Pay For Your Wedding Invoices in Splits

Why do couples choose Paycens?

  • 0% APR (annual percentage rate). No questions asked.

  • Flexible payment terms.

  • Easy & Quick credit assessment.

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About us

Both founders are a couple, solving problems for the Indian millennial couples.

The founding team has a combined 5+ years of experience in the banking and analytics industry. One of the founders, Komal has experience in managing corporate finance at India's top private-sector bank; whereas the other founder, Ankit has co-founded two startups. Prior to these ventures, he has worked at EXL Analytics, focused on the overseas finance and banking industry, particularly Citibank, Hong Kong. Having seen the problems by themselves, both founders share the same vision of building WedTech product for the $50B Indian wedding industry.


Frequently asked questions

What are the payment terms for a couple?

Depending upon the invoice amount, a couple can choose to pay over a period upto 12 months at 0% APR (annual percentage rate) with some down payment.

Can I have an option to pay with my spouse or family?

Yes, you can pay for wedding expenses along with your spouse or other family members. We provide the flexibility of payments with multi-member shared dashboard.

Can Paycens help in financing with my trusted wedding vendors?

Sure, do let us know about vendors with whom you want to take wedding services. We'll get in touch with them and finance your wedding expenses.

When do EMIs start?

EMIs start the next month from the invoice date.